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Atakum district is 5 km away from Samsun city center. Pier Restaurant welcomes guests in this charming town.

The restaurant on the beach is a very well designed building. On the façades, wood and stone are combined to create an extraordinary space. When the restaurant is reached, the first thing that catches the eye is a magnificent structure covered with stone. The restaurant is entered through a large solid wood door and right from the entrance, there lies the Black Sea, with full of charm. The interior is decorated with wood and stone as a continuation of the exterior facades and a warm ambience is created with solid wooden tables and chairs. All tables have sea and nature view. The windows facing the nature were covered with Stonewrap Detail Elements so that the nature was perceived as 'a painting in a frame'. There are plenty of seating outside for the days when the weather is suitable for sitting outside. The tables on the upper floor are reached by passing a corner of the rest wall created with elegant antique furniture with a back stone wall. The administrative part of the enterprise is planned on the rooftop. The owner of the business, Kenan Bey, built a stone fireplace. The ceilings and walls are solid wood. The red rug on the floor completes the rustic atmosphere.

Owner Kenan Bey was very interested in details. Kenan Bey says that they have clients from abroad and many customers who came to the venue for the first time asked, "Where did you find this wonderful historic structure?" 

Culture Stone: Sierra, Tabula, Matera, Natilus and Terra blend. In detail; Window Sills, Windowsill and Kilit Stone
Owner: Kenan Engizli
Production Year: 2011
Architect: İshak Memişoğlu

Manufactured Stone Brick

Surfaces and textures of Stonewrap stones are one of the most distinct characteristics that make Stonewrap superior to similar products. Each stone is crafted with special methods as a non-repetitive unique surface by using cutting-edge engineering technologies, thereby giving a 100% natural appearance to the surfaces covered with that stone.