Why Stonewrap


In the production of Stonewrap®, utmost care is given to protect our natural resources. The first production input for manufacturing stone cladding is “water”, the most precious asset on our planet. In addition, a significant amount of water is used for cleaning the production line. Luckily, we recycle 99% of the waste water thanks to our Waste Water Treatment Plant and return it back to the system.

''We are like tenant farmers chopping down the fence around our house for fuel when we should be using Nature's inexhaustible sources of energy. I'd put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don't have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that.'' THOMAS EDISON

Renewable energy projects are increasing its importance day by day in the world where natural resources are being rapidly depleted. We have made an investment to obtain a significant part of the energy we require for production from solar energy. We are proud and excited about the Project which contributes to the sustainable environment.


Stonewrap® uses carefully chosen natural stones to create master molds with expert craftsmanship by Turkish and Italian stonemasons. These master molds are then used to create precise quality molds that capture every detail and characteristic of the original stone. Each piece produced from these master molds is one-of-a-kind, ensuring no repetition in design. The extensive collection of master molds, averaging 15 m² in all Stonewrap® products, preserves the beauty and uniqueness of natural stone.

At Stonewrap®, we use the highest quality natural mineral oxide pigments to color our manufactured stone and brick veneers. We choose the highest quality pigments and employ skilled artisans who are experts in their craft, ensuring that our man-made products look as natural as possible. By incorporating color throughout the stone rather than just on the surface, we guarantee that the stone will retain its color for years, even if it experiences some wear and tear. Our advanced machinery and 25 years of experience allow us to create stones in thicknesses ranging from 10mm to 70mm. This variety in thickness, combined with the coloring and shapes, creates a 3D effect that adds to the natural appearance of a stone-clad wall.


A rustic villa in Tuscany. A pastoral English cottage. A majestic building from Architect Sinan. As we return from our travels, we recall the many ways stone appears in distinctive local architectural styles. Stonewrap® stone and brick veneer products put in the way to create your own memories. No other material has the versatility of Stonewrap® veneer products. Depending on the shape, color and texture of the stone veneer, it’s easy to achieve a sleek, modern look or a quaint, country feel, traditional formality or a casual elegance. Any look is possible with the help of our stone veneer products.

We have a versatile range of products. With hundreds of different shapes, sizes, colors and textures to choose from, the options are nearly endless in Stonewrap® so that you can get the many ways stone appears in distinctive local architectural styles. We explore and innovate consistently to add new textures and colors to Stonewrap® wide selection every year to be able to give you more options than ever.


L-shaped corner stones are available for most of Stonewrap® manufactured stone and brick veneers for giving perfect appearance even in every corner. Every model of corner stone is designed and produced in a unique texture and color, thus the visual feast is highlighted even further. Use of corner stone gives a more realistic appearance and creates the impression that the surface stones are laid in blocks, not in thin layers.


How does Stonewrap® manufactured stone and brick veneer holds up over time? Quite well. It can stand up to years of weathering, with little change to the color just like natural stone. Freezing and thawing are also not an issue, and Stonewrap® veneer products can withstand hot environments.

Since 1998, Stonewrap® products have proven their durability in diverse climates; from the walls of villas in the desert heat to the building facades in the freezing cold northern countries. Stonewrap® veneer products were tested and approved by independent concrete testing laboratories in the USA, in accordance with the international ASTM standards. Assurance combined with experience, all Stonewrap® cladding stone and brick products are given a 25-year product warranty.




Various accessories are designed and produced by Stonewrap® for finishing the projects flawless. Window-door trim and molding, various sized electrical boxes, wall caps, water inlet box, heartstone and many other accesories are produced in colors and textures compatible with Stonewrap® manufactured stone and brick veneer. Smart Stone Chips, the newest member of our range, are designed for filling the gaps that may occur on dry stack installations.


Domestically, Stonewrap® has the largest manufactured stone and brick dealing partners network in Turkey, with more than 70 Premium Stonewrap® distributors and over a hundred sales points, providing products, services and support all over the country.

Internationally, we have the same approach. We have business partners in various areas of the world. Therefore, we don’t just sell the product, we work with people who provides best services and support for our customers.

Thanks to the Stonemason Workshops, we support our dealers to make better installations. Stonemasons of our dealers get two days training in our plant by Stonewrap® experts, leaving with a certificate for it. Because we know a good installation is as important as the stone itself.