Impact of Diverse Lighting Conditions

The impact of diverse lighting conditions on stone veneers, particularly Stonewrap, can be significant. Depending on the natural or artificial lighting present in a space, the appearance of the stone veneers can change dramatically. For example, under direct sunlight, the colors and textures of the veneers may appear more vibrant, while under dim or artificial lighting, the veneers may appear more subdued. It is important to consider the potential lighting scenarios that a space may be subject to, and how they may affect the overall appearance of the Stonewrap veneers. The right lighting can highlight the natural beauty of the veneers and enhance the overall aesthetic of the space. Here, we aim to showcase the transformative power of light and weather on the appearance of the same stone wall. By capturing it in five distinct lighting conditions, we aim to highlight the striking differences and illustrate how small changes in light and weather can greatly affect the overall aesthetic of the wall.