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Incirli Wine House

Located in Bebek in European side of Istanbul, İncirli Wine House is one of the building stocks of Soul Group, the winner of many prestigious awards including “Best Ethnic Restaurant” with businesses such as Banyan Restaurant and La Mancha opened in 2004 in Ortaköy. The number-one purpose of Soul Group is probably to create non-chain, non-industrial and authentic places. In one of the irreplaceable members of this group İncirli Wine House, splendid harmony of wood and distressed brick captures this authenticity.

İncirli Wine House, standing out with its high quality service and tens of hard-to-choose delicious wines, welcomes its enthusiasts in a wonderful atmosphere. İncirli Wine House, where our Baroque series carrying traditional traces of wood is complemented with lava-colored bricks, satisfies its visitors exceptionally well and is one of the successful businesses that have made a name for themselves in the industry.

Owned by: Soul Group
Construction Year: 2012
Architect: Plato Mimarlık / Şeyda Taşcılar

Manufactured Stone Brick

Surfaces and textures of Stonewrap stones are one of the most distinct characteristics that make Stonewrap superior to similar products. Each stone is crafted with special methods as a non-repetitive unique surface by using cutting-edge engineering technologies, thereby giving a 100% natural appearance to the surfaces covered with that stone.