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Combining its expertise with unique flavors of one of the unique tastes of Turkish cuisine, Antep, the Develi Legend is embodied in its new restaurant located in Ataşehir, Istanbul. Starting its service as of January and built on a closed area of 7.000 m2 Develi Ataşehir is also one of the largest restaurants in Turkey by its size. Built on 6 floors, Develi Ataşehir has two floors of indoor car park and a garden of 1000 m2. In the restaurant, guests are served by an experienced team of 200 people. A specially trained team is serving in kids’ playing area covering 120 m2 so that families with kids can enjoy their meals comfortably. Besides, breastfeeding rooms for children and specially designed restrooms and elevator systems for disabled guests are very special details striking the eye. Daintily combining modern and classical styles under the same roof in its design, Develi, opted for ash grey and brown colors of Sierra series, one of the favorites from Stonewrap 2016 collection, for the wallcoverings of its featured restaurant in Ataşehir. By establishing a perfect harmony with other wooden materials used in its decoration as lights get warmer and brighter when lighting is on, Stonewrap series used both in indoor and outdoor design makes restaurant guests feel the rustic atmosphere we all long for with its colors and texture. Stonewrap continues to create unparalleled spaces...

Owner of Building: DEVELİ Restaurants
Construction Year: 2015

Manufactured Stone Brick

Surfaces and textures of Stonewrap stones are one of the most distinct characteristics that make Stonewrap superior to similar products. Each stone is crafted with special methods as a non-repetitive unique surface by using cutting-edge engineering technologies, thereby giving a 100% natural appearance to the surfaces covered with that stone.