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BiBuçuk is a bistro-café founded at the Bosphorus University by Hakan Akalin and Devrim Sirmen's friendships with the past. The bistro is a place for children, young people, middle-aged and old people, who can come and go easily on certain days of the week. 

BiBuçuk, since its establishment, aims to appeal to every taste and every sector. In doing so, he exaggerates and wants to create a menu of elite, specific products rather than preparing an encyclopedia menu. They're very good in chicken products, especially chicken wings. 

They have branches in Istanbul, Kadıköy, Caddebostan and Suadiye.

Designing a bourbon café-bistro, which aims at providing a comfortable atmosphere for such a wide audience, the team has a warm ambience in the restaurant by using wood and brick in decoration. Empty bottles of drink as a decoration material has been very creative. Empty bottles of liquor embedded in the wall give the place a pleasant glow.

Owner: Hakan Akalın, Devrim Sirmen, Mehmet Akkent 

Year of Construction: 2001

Design: Es Mim Construction Decoration 

Stonewrap Product: Barok

Manufactured Stone Brick

Surfaces and textures of Stonewrap stones are one of the most distinct characteristics that make Stonewrap superior to similar products. Each stone is crafted with special methods as a non-repetitive unique surface by using cutting-edge engineering technologies, thereby giving a 100% natural appearance to the surfaces covered with that stone.