ROCKY MOUNTAIN - Splendid as its name

ROCKY MOUNTAIN - Makes splendid stone walls as its name


ROCKY MOUNTAIN - Splendid as its name

Today, we want to introduce one of our latest products: Rocky Mountain. It has a thickness of around 4 – 7 cm, giving the product a good depth. Rocky Mountain consists of more than 80 different pieces, and it is almost impossible to believe that it is a manufactured stone.

There are 5 available colors for this product: Coffee, Earth, Olive, Anthracite, and Ash. In this picture, Earth color was choosen. Within the captivating blend of various shades in Rocky Mountain Earth, you will discover a mesmerizing interplay of dark amber tones, dark browns, and earth-inspired black and greyish hues. These earthy colors work harmoniously to create a rich and inviting aesthetic, drawing inspiration from the natural beauty of the earth. Adding to the allure are subtle rust details that provide an element of depth and character, reminiscent of the organic textures found in nature. This captivating color palette exudes warmth, sophistication, and a deep connection to natural stone.

Here, we installed Rocky Mountain as dry stack and used Smart Stone chips to fill the gaps between stones. However, it can be installed with different installation techniques. You can install it with a standard joint or try an overjoint technique to achieve a muddy and dirty look. With Stonewrap, the only limit is your own creativity level!