Ferrara: the infamous city of Italy for brick buildings

It is the historic city of Ferrara with the same name in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy and one hour away from the Adriatic coast. It is a Renaissance art city on the route between Bologna and Venice. Ferrara is now known as the city of cycling. There are 2.5 bikes per person in the city. From all ages, everyone uses their bicycles. In the mornings you can see people riding bikes with their children sitting in closed baskets in front of them, taking the children to the schools.


Al Brindisi, the world's oldest winery, which has been serving since 1435, is still a good restaurant in a narrow street in the center of Ferrara.

The historical city is surrounded by bricks built entirely of bricks and still intact. The castle, which was built in 1385 by the Este family in the historic city center, was built entirely with bricks. The narrow streets covered with paving stone buram buram middle ages smell. Unlike many medieval cities built with heavy and cold marble or stone, Ferrara is a unique city with its brick-built buildings giving it a modest and warm feeling. Most of the Ferrara bricks are noteworthy for their narrow and long structure and are unique to this medieval city.

We decided to add a new series to the Urbanbrick plating brick family. Our Ferrara veneer brick range is perfect for those who want a classic and warm look and want to stand out from other brick structures. As a result of our long researches, we learned that we could get the bricks bearing the traces of the masters who had emerged from a historic building that had to be demolished in Ferrara, and we flew with joy. Today, we are proud to carry the past to the future with our Ferrara series product, which we produce with the molds obtained from these special bricks.