Stonewrap Libya Distributor Majaal Opened the 4th Showroom!

We Attended the Opening of Our Libya Distributor Majaal's New Showroom, where Stonewrap manufactured stone and decorative brick veneer products were exhibited.


Stonewrap Libya Distributor Majaal Opened the 4th Showroom!

Majaal Benghazi for Construction Materials, opened their 3rd showroom in Benghazi and 4th in Libya on 29th November, 2022. Public and private sector leaders showed a great interest to this inauguration. The new showroom, which takes place on Hawai Road, one of the main streets of Benghazi, is designed according to the cutting edge technology and the newest trends. It provides effective solutions to the decorative stones and brick claddings demands of the market, and aims for visitors to have a pleasant time with its elegant cafe,  design center studio with an experienced team and managing offices.

Stonewrap’s newest stone Rocky Mountain decorative stone attracts the passersby of the street with its gorgeous 30 m² installation and takes all the attention to the showroom. Sierra Ash, which is the symbol of the other Majaal showrooms’ exteriors, has given its place to Kronos Ash manufactured stone in this new showroom.

When we enter the inside, we see the newest model of our decorative stone series: Pastoral and newest model of our decorative brick series: Maxima; as well as the popular Stonewrap claddings Arcadia, Matera, Barok, etc…

Stonewrap complementery pieces window sills, window moldings and key stones embellish the showroom which is designed by a delicate taste.