Stonewrap Celebrated 20th Year Anniversary With Its Premium Distributors

Stonewrap celebrated its 20th anniversary in Alanya with its Premium Distributors. Mr. Cahit Güvensoy was the moderator of the 20th year in the Rubi Platinum Hotel, Alanya. As the first speaker, our chairman, Mr. Ayiz Bozkurt, summarized the phases that Stonewrap had undergone from its foundation to its present strength.


Later, our board member Mr. Sinan Bozkurt introduced new products and special promotions for the 20th year. Our last speaker, Stonewrap digital media supervisor from 104 Agency, Mr. Engin Burnas, informed our Distributors about what we have done for our digital media and what else is that can be done.

The event ended with the ceremony of honoring our Premium Distributors with special plaques to the 20th century and the distribution of our other promotional products. Following the ceremony, our new product catalog was introduced and distributed. In the meeting, which was completed with various interviews, our Distributors were introduced to our new products. The event was a great opportunity for our Distributors from different regions to meet and exchange ideas. After the meeting, our Distributors rested at the hotel and spent a good time together.

We would like to thank the Rubi Platinum Hotel, which has been renewed a few years ago and has chosen Stonewrap products in many areas such as supermarkets, cafeterias, restaurants, cafes, Turkish baths, saunas, bars and pool sides.