Products Used

Polonez Grill

Polonez restaurants are making a name for themselves with their different and successful concepts as well as their rich menu and flawless tastes. One of the Polonez restaurant chains, Polonez ‘Grill’ is located opposite Ataşehir Palladium Mall in Anatolian side of Istanbul. Grill does not only provide service and taste quality, but also aims to enrich the experience of its visitors with “Western” concept. The venue as a whole is designed in an impressive and memorable way. This wholeness is actually possible with flawless harmony of detail elements. The ambience created by cowboy boots in the shoe rack catching your eyes as soon as you step in, realistic decorative elements on the walls, wooden table and floor, distressed leather sofas and the fireplace is complemented with Slimfix from our brick series. For those seeking quality not only in taste but in every aspect, Polonez Grill is a good choice.

Owned by: Polonez Restaurant and Butcher Shop Chains
Construction year: 2015
Designed by: MDArch / Architect Görkem Volkan

Manufactured Stone Brick

Surfaces and textures of Stonewrap stones are one of the most distinct characteristics that make Stonewrap superior to similar products. Each stone is crafted with special methods as a non-repetitive unique surface by using cutting-edge engineering technologies, thereby giving a 100% natural appearance to the surfaces covered with that stone.