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The idea of manufacturing Manufactured Stone in Turkey came up when we coincidentally met Donald Crites in 1996 in Virginia, USA. Crites had a small but very successful decorative artificial stone manufacturing plant whose products were incredibly similar to natural stones. Two years after this encounter, we manufactured our first manufactured stone in Turkey together with Crites.


2019 Unicera Exhibition

Stonewrap, during the ending of the year2018, had participated in one of the most important fairs in the Middle East, the Big. Stonewrap successfully continued to receive the good feedbacks on quality in 2019 Unicera exhibition. The newest product from the brick series: Loft was exhibited for the first time and hundreds of people from many parts of the world visited Stonewrap’s booth.

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Ferrara: the infamous city of Italy for brick buildings

It is the historic city of Ferrara with the same name in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy and one hour away from the Adriatic coast. It is a Renaissance art city on the route between Bologna and Ven...


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Looking for a Stone Mason? Find an Incan one!

Your spouse, your friend, may recommend you this or that stonemason. Good intentions. But before you make your choice, you should read this article....


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A Building Material That Has Been Around for Thousands of Years: Bricks

Brick is probably the first durable foundation building material that was produced by humankind. To explain the production simply; Clay, which is a soil type, is doughed and molded. It is then convert...


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