Manufactured Stone Wall Cladding

Realizing your vision for your home might be easier than you think. Whether you’re planning to do it yourself, working with an architect or a designer or hiring an installer, Stonewrap® manufactured stone veneer is a great way to bring your dreams to life.

We created a stone veneer that went beyond Mother Nature to replicate natural stone and deliver better color consistency. No other product offers the depth, complexity of color, pattern, and tactile distinction of Stonewrap® manufactured stone. The nature-inspired textures and authentic color palettes of Stonewrap® manufactured profiles are virtually indistinguishable from naturale stone and other natural materials.

Creative Color System

Stonewrap® Manufactured Stone Veneers are produced in 6 main colors. These basic colors are enriched with unique shadow colors in each texture. This technique, which we call the Creative Color System, allows us to achieve more natural tones, and at the same time, our stone and brick veneer products with different textures and different colors can be harmoniously blended with each other. 



The idea of manufacturing Stonewrap® stone veneer in Turkey came up when we coincidentally met Donald Crites in 1996 in Virginia, USA. Crites had a small but very successful decorative artificial stone manufacturing plant whose products were incredibly similar to natural stones. Two years after this encounter, we had manufactured our first stone veneer in Turkey together with Mr. Crites.