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Stonewrap® passionately produces superior quality, original products for you. We followed the footsteps of skilled craftsmen who worked on unique stone structures throughout history, and observed beautiful and creative stone wall craftsmanship in different regions. Inspired by nature's transformation of these stone structures into extraordinary works of art through its rich color palette over the centuries, we designed our products.

The Color and Texture Fusion of Ancient Civilizations

Throughout history, unique and beautiful stone structures have been built in various regions around the world. On one side, there are endless stone walls, stone bridges over turbulent waters, massive towers, magnificent palaces, and on the other side, a charming country house, a well, a small fisherman's hut, or a tiny garden wall. We have tried to trace the marks left by the craftsmen who worked on the stones of all these perfect structures. We have marvelously discovered their methods of blending their works with nature and integrating them with nature. With the inspiration we have taken from them, we have combined our products with today's needs. We have designed and produced decorative stone models in a range of beautiful colors inspired by nature, ensuring that our products will be the perfect fit for bringing your vision to life.

Stonewrap is originated from the color and texture fusion of ancient civilizations
We did not create anything, we just brought out the power of nature

We Did not Create Anything

As we explore nature, we witness its patience and extraordinary talent as an artist. The impressive waterfall shaping terrifying anthracite rock pieces, the ebony-colored small stone piece that sticks to our feet while walking in the countryside, the spotted and mossy stones of the garden wall of a vineyard house, the milk-white lime stone wall of an old Mediterranean coast house adorned with coffee, yellow, and smoke-colored effects due to the influence of the years, the charmingly colorful large stone piece in the meadows of the countryside.

In reality, we did not create anything. We just brought out the power of nature. We were inspired by its ability to transform its rocks and stones into extraordinary beauties by painting them with an infinite color palette over the years.

The Traces of Stone Masters in Great Civilizations

Many details about the daily routines, wars, religious ceremonies, opulent lives of kings, and lives of slaves of ancient civilizations have been transmitted to us through stone works. But some civilizations, like the Incas, have achieved an extraordinary level in stone wall craftsmanship. We admire the transformation of an amazing stone processing technique into art in the structures of the Incas. The eye-catching works of these great craftsmen guide and lead us while designing our new modular decorative stone cladding products.

Explore the traces of stone masters of great civilizations in Stonewrap products
Nature's Extraordinary Color and Texture Fusion figure Stonewrap products

Nature's Extraordinary Color and Texture Fusion

The rough rocks on the slope that resemble a ship that has been weathered and rusted by years of being soaked in rain due to its iron content. Nature uses the rain, snow, and scorching heat of the sun and iron to carve these rough rocks over the years, turning them into a work of art. It paints them with a rich palette of colors ranging from yellow to orange, from amber to red and coffee, turning them into an extraordinary work of beauty.

Sea, Salt, Sun, Seaweed and Rocks...

The ocean, salt, sun, seaweed, and rocks... Salt and sun enhance the colors of the minerals that make up the rocks. Waves act like a brush, painting the rocks, and seaweed adds decoration. Ash, amber, smoke, green, even black - all can be found in one rock. We didn't create anything. We simply blended the amazing colors that nature provided us with, in harmony, to color our Stonewrap decorative cultural stone and brick veneer textures.

We simply blended the amazing colors that nature provided us with, in harmony, to color our Stonewrap decorative manufactured stone and brick veneer textures
Stonewrap designers observe the works left by these ancient stone masters and design new decorative stone and brick veneer products and detailing elements

Traces of Ancient Civilizations

Seen in the background is a massive sacred structure built using red bricks. In the foreground is a stone wall, attention-grabbing with its intricate craftsmanship, that stops visitors in their tracks and prompts them to straighten themselves up, indicating the structure's specialness. These stone and brick structures from ancient civilizations impart to us many details about life during those times, helping us learn about the traditions and customs of our ancestors from the ancient era. Stonewrap designers observe the works left by these ancient stone masters and design new decorative stone and brick cladding products and detailing elements, developing more natural-looking color systems.

Human and Nature's Harmonious Craftsmanship

Perhaps it was a wall of a beautiful garden, or maybe a stone wall of a barn. Perhaps it was a set in a dried-up riverbed, or perhaps a stone wall fragment from a bedroom of a collapsed house - only those who lived at that time and place would know. The wall no longer serves its purpose of construction, but nature seems to have rewarded it with this extraordinary beauty, as if out of respect for the stone craftsmanship and work. Over the centuries, it has transformed the stones that make up the wall into extraordinary works of art by coloring them with a rich palette of colors. Our task is to draw inspiration from this color explosion and design decorative cultural stones and brick cladding in unique colors and textures.

Human and nature's harmonious craftsmanship shape Stonewrap products