Masso Manufactured Stone


Masso was designed to emphasize a solid building. Its angled and bulky structure and rough chiseled surfaces can give this effect inherently. Masso cultured stone is reminiscent of the strong walls of solid castles. It is manufactured in 6 basic colors.

15,75 - 705 cm²

2,00 - 5,00 cm

2,00 cm


6,5 kg/m²

8,0 kg/m²

38 kg/m² - 14 kg/m
  • Dimensions and weights listed in this page are nominal.
  • The standard joint gap for each product is included within the content of the box. Therefore, dry stack installations require 15%-25% additional quantity.
  • Recommended joint mortar and adhesive are calculated for standard joint. If you use different joint technique, please consult us.

Masso Manufactured Stone

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