Granulbrick 50 Decorative Brick Veneer

B04Granulbrick 50


Brick-making holds a very important place in Dutch traditions. Rivers spiraling down are surrounded by kiln-fired brick sets which are perfect construction materials. This old Dutch tradition is now carried on through Granulbrick 50 brick cladding product with its optimum durability and stability characteristics.


185*51 mm - 210*70 mm


11 - 15 mm


With Joint

Recommended Joint Gap

1,00 cm

Recommended Joint Mortar Qty

5,0 kg/m²

Recommended Adhesive Qty

6,0 kg/m²

Weight flat – corner

16 kg/m² - 6 kg/m
  • Dimensions and weights listed in this page are nominal.
  • The standard joint gap for each product is included within the content of the box. Therefore, dry stack installations require 15%-25% additional quantity.
  • Recommended joint mortar and adhesive are calculated for standard joint. If you use different joint technique, please consult us.

Granulbrick 50 - Decorative Brick Veneer

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Granulbrick 50 - Decorative Brick Veneer