Villa "SW" , Bellagio

“You think philosophy is difficult enough but I can tell you it is nothing to the difficulty of being a good architect.”


Famous philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein said this quote while he was helping his sister to design her house.

Architect Marco Castelletti, as if he corroborates this quote; aims to create a new form by keeping the conformation of the sloping ground, to widen the unique Como Lake view as a sequence of episodes as you go up from the road, to refer to the traditional heritage of the Como by using the material and stones that reflects the characteristic features of the region.

This is at the very time where the designer’s path cross with ours. Architect Marco Castelleti chose our stone “Rupe” thanks to Rupe’s irregular form, its being much lighter when comparing with the natural stones and its being almost a reproduction of the region’s natural stones. Rupe’s rich amorphose form completes the extraordinary harmony of the contrasts on building’s design. This project is named after “SW” as if they greet StoneWrap for the flawless harmony of the design.

This magnificent example of the dry stack manufactured stone installation on heat insulation is made by Rastone SRL, Stonewrap’s Italy and South Europe distributor.

  • Project : Villa “SW”
  • Product : Rupe - Ash
  • Installation technique: dry stack
  • Location : Bellagio, Italya
  • Installation: Rastone SRL
  • Architect : Marco Castelletti