A Building Material That Has Been Around for Thousands of Years: Bricks

Brick is probably the first durable foundation building material that was produced by humankind. To explain the production simply; Clay, which is a soil type, is doughed and molded. It is then converted into a durable and practical building material by firing with a burning fire.

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According to the examples found in the historical excavations, it was first produced in Mesopotamia about 15,000 years ago. Over time, brick is spread all over the world and found itself in a wide range of use. Brick was used as a basic building material in many areas from bridges to walls, temples to houses.
As of the 19th century, most of the buildings are constructed with materials such as concrete which are more durable and suitable for faster construction, but we cannot give up the nostalgic and warm image of the brick that has been engraved in the memory of humanity for thousands of years. The bricks have a very special meaning which connects the past to the present. We are drawn to these red rectangular shaped old friends, which make up the walls of historical buildings, bridges and walls, as if it was in our genes. So much so that in the spaces formed by spilled plasters in some of the old buildings, brick walls are allowed to show themselves, creating more romantic environments.
Nowadays, the walls are no longer made with brick.a However, for those who want to reflect this traditional, warm, solid effect on their structures, many different materials such as clay and cement are produced as brick claddings for years. Today's designers, do not just settle with traditional products and standard textures and colors. In addition to the traditional red-yellow brick colors, a variety of new colors, sizes and textures of bricks are produced to meet this demand. It is possible to find even brick wall paper and ceramic tiles in construction markets.
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